Cultivate Calm yoga videos are hosted by Vimeo, which is much like YouTube, and they are embedded on this website. Vimeo works hard to provide a consistent viewing experience across various devices, issues are bound to occur.

If your video buffers, or if you encounter slow loading while viewing a video, Vimeo has suggested to try the following:

  • Make sure you’re on a fast, reliable internet connection. When a video plays in lower than expected quality, it’s likely because the viewer’s Internet speed (bandwidth) or computer processing speed cannot support higher quality playback. For references on minimum bandwidth requirements, please refer to the table in this help centre article.
  • You can decrease the quality of the video to help with the loading speed. Click on the Settings icon  on the video and select either 540p or 320p.
  • If you can, try switching to a different internet connection.
  • Make sure your internet browser is up to date.
  • Try browsing in an Incognito or private browsing window. This will disable your extensions and clear your cache and cookies, which often improves performance. Instructions for multiple browsers here.

If none of the above steps help, please send Vimeo the following information:

  • A detailed description of the problem you’re seeing (e.g the video buffers before starting playback) and how often it occurs. If you can, please document the issue and the exact steps to reproduce using
  • Please try this download speed test and send me a screenshot of your results: (as Internet performance can fluctuate, please make sure this test is also recorded during the time of the issue)
  • A link to the video you’re having trouble with

This information can be emailed to Vimeo at this address – [email protected]. Once Vimeo has this information, they will be able to troubleshoot further.